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Privacy of Wounds

Cinemateket Dronningens gate 16, Oslo

Hasan, Mazen, and Khaldoon are former prisoners of conscience from some of Syria’s most notorious prisons. Convinced that the three strangers will communicate openly and honestly with each other, the director observes them from the outside of a simulated prison cell in Oslo, using three remote-controlled cameras. Despite the horrors …

The Silence of Others – No Peace without Justice

Cinemateket Dronningens gate 16, Oslo

In collaboration with HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival and Nobel Peace Center The Silence of Others A shocking history about how the lack of justice after the dictatorship of Franco’s regime in Spain has forced hundreds of thousands of victims and their families to stay silent about their suffering, even …

Still Recording

Kino Vika Ruseløkkveien 14, Oslo

I samarbeid med Arabiske filmdager og Norsk PEN inviterer vi til visning av Still Recording + samtale med regissøren på lørdag den 23 mars kl. 16.00. Filmen følger to kunststudenter i Douma, en forstad som kontrolleres av opprørere mot regimet. I en periode på over fire år følger vi de …

Frokostseminar: Hva skjer i Idlib?

Norsk Folkehjelp Stortorvet 10, Oslo

What is happening in Idlib? Who is protecting civilians and civil space - and whose responsibility is it? Welcome to a breakfast seminar with Karam Hilly, a Syrian civil society activist. Karam will give a unique insight into the current situation in Idlib, including the situation of the local population …

ArabFuturism: Arab Contemporary Art Scene

Kulturhuset Youngs gate 6, Oslo

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and in the wake of decisive political junctures, how can Arab artists, musicians and authors imagine the future? It is possible to dream of a future that is centered and conceived from and for the people? In a region that is often haunted …

حوار مفتوح: (مـ)ساحات التغيير في دول الربيع العربي

Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

يسرُّ سبيس ومركز الخرطوم للفن المعاصر دعوتكم إلى حوار مفتوح باللغة العربية مع فنانين وأكاديميين من العراق وفلسطين وسوريا ولبنان والسودان للتفكير في مساحات التغيير في دول الربيع العربي منذ الموجة اﻷولى للمظاهرات في 2011، وما لحقها من ثورات مضادة وصراعات مسلحة ومروراً بالموجة الثانية من الثورات الشعبية التي شهدتها …

Narrative Wars: The Politics of Memory

Vega Scene Hausmanns gate 30, Oslo

Why should we watch films about war and unbearable human suffering? The Syrian war is not only fought with guns and bombs, but also with words and narratives. The Syrian regime is funding efforts to manipulate the Syrian story while others are documenting regime war crimes. Such “narrative wars” are …


Fighting War Crimes in Syria – Can Norway Play a Part?

Vega Scene Hausmanns gate 30, Oslo

Film: Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad UK/ 2017 / 50 min / Dir: Sara Afshar Tens of thousands of Syrians have been tortured and killed in secret prisons, by the Assad regime. The Film Syria’s Disappeared – The Case Against Assad by Sara Afshar brings forward testimonies from victims …


Humanitarian Aid and the War Economy in Syria

PRIO Hausmanns gate 3 , Oslo

While humanitarian aid is key in Syria, questions need to be asked about how the procurement of goods and services by humanitarian and development actors, using international funding, can contribute to a war-crime-economy. The Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) has conducted extensive research into businesses that supply aid groups, including …