Syria’s good guys – Inside a forgotten revolution

By organizing ‘The Question of Syria’, SPACE aims to portray the ongoing, multifaceted Syrian uprising and to introduce the alternative democratic forces in Syria. In addition to the panel discussions and film screenings, we also agreed with the New Internationalist magazine to distribute the magazine’s September edition on ‘Syria’s good …

Performing Democracy: Syrian Art Practices Today

Mohammad Al Attar and Zaher Omareen. Moderated by Rana Issa

Through their different media and production techniques, Zaher Omareen and Mohammad Al Attar will reflect on how democracy is performed in Syria today, and together with them we expect to question such stable constellations as artist, spectator, and stage. This line of questioning will bring us closer to Syrian artistic expression and will allow us to reflect on basic, and enduring concepts about the relationship of art to politics. More about the event.

Narratives of Survival – Marcell Shehwaro


This panel provides a general snapshot on life at the local level during the conflict in Syria. In between state-failure, war economy and a “conflict society”, triggered by the country’s dire humanitarian crisis, multiple actors have stepped in to fill in the void. These include Youth Networks, civil society organisations, Local Councils, Sharia-based institutions, Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party structures, and the jihadist groups, Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – ISIS). More about the event.

What Kind of Support Do Syrians Want?

Mohammad Al Attar, Rana Khalaf and Yassin al-Haj Saleh. Moderated by Ziad Majed.

How would we define the situation in Syria today? Are there still any revolutionary characteristics in the middle of the ongoing war and all regional and international interventions? Did the revolution manage to change something in the society? Can we talk about positive change when we are faced with the destruction we see in Syria today on all levels? What kind of support do Syrians living inside Syria, in refugee camps and in exile, want? More about the event.